This confidential, therapeutic, outreach counselling service can take place at your convenience in your own home or somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable.


What are the costs?

Price for a 1 hour session within the following postcodes TN34,TN35,TN37 and TN38 is £50 for 1-2-1 work.

Price for a 1 hour session within the following postcodes TN31,TN32,TN33,TN36,TN39 and TN40 is £60 for 1-2-1 work.

Who do I work with?

Adults only, working with children and young adults under 18 is not part of my training or remit.

What can I/you expect?

My expectation is that we can work in a safe environment and having created space and time to work together. That we shall treat each other with respect and work in confidence to achieve a positive outcome.

How many sessions and for how long?

This work is not open ended we shall often review progress. A typical initial six sessions can bring about great results , we can work around what you need and have a planned ending.

The next step

Step one was finding this website, by reaching out you have been brave enough to start to change and be open to take the next step.

These links will take you to a form either a word doc or PDF which will; once you complete and return it, help us to identify a starting point for the therapeutic process.



The initial 30 minute session is free and gives us the chance for us to meet and see if we can work together. Ideally the form should be completed before the session but if you feel anxious about sending particular information online I am happy for you to hold onto it until our first session.

Then if we like to move the process on we agree a time, date and place for our first session and discuss what we want the therapy to achieve, for example “I want to understand why I keep getting into destructive relationships, and how to find happier, more fulfilling relationships in the future”. Having an initial goal for the therapy will help us focus the sessions to achieve a positive outcome. It is what we call a therapeutic “contract”. This is however not a fixed thing, as often throughout the counselling sessions, you may reveal something else that is important to talk about.

Typical therapeutic questions for you to think about are:

What changes do you want / wish for in your life?

How will you need to change to get what you want / wish for?

What needs to happen for you to make this change?

What are you willing to do in order to make this change?

How might you sabotage yourself to prevent the change?

How will you and I know when you have made the change?

How will you reward yourself for making the change?


And then we can begin.